Wild Bobwhite Quail Hunts

Fully guided wild bobwhite quail hunting in beautiful north central Kansas! Hunt bobwhite quail in the Saline River Valley and/or Smoky Hills near Lincoln, Kansas over pointing dogs. The dogs are foot hunting dogs and primarily English Setters. Feel free to bring your dogs or pups. The hunters may have the potential to harvest pheasants too. This is all private hunting ground of 3000+ acres with a limited number of hunts scheduled. Contact Jim Gourley at 785-249-4316 or jim@setterdogs.com to schedule a hunt.

The Kansas quail/pheasant season opens November 10, 2018 – January 31, 2019 with state bag limits of 8 quail per day per hunter. We want you to enjoy good conversation, beautiful terrain/sunrises/sunsets, wonderful pointing dogs, and the potential to limit on quail every day!

The hunting lodge was built in 2018 and is located approximately 30 miles northwest of Salina, KS, most hunts will be within 20 miles of the lodge. The lodge is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms/showers with beds, satellite tv, central air, heated floor, stove, sink, refrigerator, and microwave. No smoking or pets indoors.

Fully Guided Quail Hunt(2-4 hunters) Р$500 per day per hunter which includes lodging, meals, travel to/from the field(unless the amount of equipment and additional dogs does not allow for this), pointing dogs and experienced guide. An individual hunter will be charged $600 per day so bring your friends to get the lower rate. A non-refundable deposit of 50%($250 per day per hunter) of the total fee is required prior to the hunt. Licenses, meals, guns, ammo, and clothing not included. Contact Jim Gourley at 785-249-4316 or jim@setterdogs.com to schedule a hunt.

To schedule a flight contact- Kansas City International Airport( 3 hrs from the lodge), Wichita Eisenhower Airport (approximately 2 hrs from the lodge), Salina Airport Authority (approximately 30 minutes from the lodge) then renting a vehicle is suggested. In addition, a private landing strip with hangar is available 1 mile from the lodge.

Go to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism web site to purchase a hunting license. The hunter is responsible for following all Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism regulations. If you have questions let us know.

Contact Jim Gourley at 785-249-4316 or jim@setterdogs.com to schedule a hunt today!

Setter Dogs, guides, tenants and landowners are not responsible for injury, accidents, damages, and/or death to hunters or damage to hunters’ property.